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How do I know what surface to select?

Much of this depends on your taste and budget. However, we will always make recommendations based on the area to be re-surfaced. As a rough guide, your selections can be the following:

Asphalt, Concrete, brick, paving stone, marble stone

Patios, Walkways, Pool decks, sidewalks:
Paving stone, concrete, marble stone, flag stone

What is the difference in pricing between pavers and asphalt?

Pavers are three times more expensive than asphalt. The reason for this is the cost of materials and the labor involved.

What is the difference in pricing between concrete and pavers?

Concrete is about 15% less than pavers.

How long does the asphalt work last?

Asphalt can last 20(+) years with proper maintenance. We will recommend steps that can be done to help prolong the life of the asphalt.

Why are pavers better than concrete?

Overall they are more versatile and durable. They are less likely to show wear and tear over time, not prone to cracking, and they are easier and cheaper to repair in the event of damage. The variety of colors and designs is also an advantage.

How much will it cost to install pavers in my front and back yard?

We need to measure and assess the property to give you a realistic quote. One of our estimators will be happy to visit your home and then provide you with a FREE written estimate.

Can you do retaining walls and drainage systems?

Absolutely. We believe one of our strengths is our ability to assess drainage issues and take proper measures to minimize any water damage to your new surface.

How long will the job take?

We will need to see the area before giving you an exact answer. However, we are often faster than other Paving companies because we provide a full, well equipped crew who does not leave your job until it is completed. We never shift crews mid-stream or leave unfinished work unattended during a workday.

What neighborhoods do you work in?

San Mateo County, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Alameda County.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee our labor for 1 year. The materials we use have a manufacturer’s warranty of up to a lifetime!

Are you a licensed contractor?

Yes. Our number is A810874. If you like, you may check the Cal state License Board to verify our status.

Why does the grass come through the pavers and what can I do about it?

The wind brings the seeds in. Spraying with a weed killer usually does the trick.

Are you environmentally sensitive?

We recycle base rock and are always on the look out for ways in which we can do our work more sustainably.

This is an excellent operation. I used them to do some driveway work on a long drive and I must say I’m delighted… The estimate and contracting process was simple, they show up on time, communicate very well and best of all while I was at work today they did a great job. I just came home and admired it. High quality, very neat and completely clean and tidy after they left. I didn’t actually get any competitive estimates but it was roughly the same price I paid another firm 5 years ago that I was not happy with, so I have no argument with the price. Strong recommendation and these will be my asphalt guys going forward.

Paul C. – Los Altos, CA